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Thank you for meeting with us at the MedTech Forum 2024!

At Flex we’re not just about creating great products with you; together we’re shaping the future of healthcare. Let’s stay in touch and discuss how we can help you move your transformative medical products from concept to care.

Thank you for meeting with us at the MedTech Forum 2024!

At Flex we’re not just about creating great products with you; together we’re shaping the future of healthcare. Let’s stay in touch and discuss how we can help you move your transformative medical products from concept to care.

Building a Secure and Resilient Digital Healthcare Ecosystem: Reality or Utopia?

Together, we create healthcare solutions that fulfill your customer and patient needs

Rather than creating all products in-house, many medical product companies turn to design and manufacturing partners like Flex to accelerate time to market, better manage risk, provide greater scalability, and meet sustainability objectives. The end goal is to improve healthcare solutions for patients and practitioners.

Healthcare Solutions Overview

Dive into our comprehensive approach to healthcare solutions, showcasing our global reach in design and manufacturing, expertise in accelerating product launches, and partnerships across diverse healthcare markets – all underpinned by a commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Precision Plastics for Medical Products

The need for high-quality precision plastic parts in the healthcare industry has never been higher, especially due to shifting site of care from hospitals to clinics and homes, as well as product miniaturization.

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Flex Circular Economy Solutions

See how we emphasize sustainable practices, from design to end-of-life services, ensuring both environmental responsibility and value recovery in the medical industry.

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Digital Healthcare Solutions

The increase of chronic diseases, along with the necessity of reducing hospitalization time and healthcare costs and dealing with the global shortage of healthcare professionals, are creating the need for systems that enable remote patient and therapy adherence monitoring, telemedicine, and assisted diagnostics.

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Point of Care Diagnostic Devices

Designing point-of-care diagnostic systems presents several critical considerations for engineering teams. These include ensuring measurement accuracy and reliability, user-friendly operation, and scalable production with validated manufacturing processes.

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How redesign can help meet sustainability demands for medical devices

In almost every sector that produces a physical product, there is pressure to bend the traditional linear production model to become more circular, creating environmentally-friendly and sustainable products that ultimately do not compromise safety.

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Get started with Flex

For a partner that excels in transforming ideas into tangible, market-ready products, choose Flex.

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Companies we work with

Medical product companies turn to Flex for reliable and agile advanced manufacturing solutions and services.

Medical equipment

  • Imaging
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Life-science
  • Hospital products

Medical device & consumer health

  • Personal diagnostics
  • Advanced surgical tools
  • Disposables
  • Point of care

Drug delivery

  • Smart inhalers/injectors
  • Wearable systems
  • Connectivity modules
  • Digital health

End-to-end solutions

We aim to rapidly transition your product from concept to volume production, navigating market complexities in a cost-effective and low-risk manner.

From paper to practice

Have an idea? Let’s make it real. With Flex, you have the option to customize any of our validated, high-quality reference designs. This gives your product development a head start, saving you time and resources.

Design for excellence

With our blend of deep domain expertise and cross-industry technology integration, we ensure your design aligns perfectly with your concept. We bring your idea from the drawing board to a physical, functional prototype, ready for the real world.

Manufacturing capabilities

We leverage our vast component supplier network to manage the procurement of quality parts, mitigating any supply chain risks while prioritizing sustainability at every step. Our regional and local sourcing options provide flexibility and resilience, supporting both your product and the planet.

Supply chain sustainability

We support you with our expansive global manufacturing facilities, delivering process efficiencies, scalability, and cost optimization while enhancing recycling rates and energy recovery. Whether it’s molding/tooling or overcoming back order challenges, we ensure a smooth, successful and sustainable production run.

Operational efficiencies

Our integrated logistics services ensure your product gets where it needs to be, on time and intact. We manage everything from inventory and warehousing to distribution and delivery.

Why market-leading brands choose Flex

Choosing a partner like Flex is one of the most important decisions a company can make. We’re more than a partner — we’re a guiding force that will help you navigate every step of your product journey, from design and development to sourcing, manufacturing and logistics.

Our awards & recognitions

Flex’s patient-centered design approach has received multiple industry recognitions including Medical Design Excellence Awards and International Design Excellence Awards for products ranging from a surgical navigation system and a breast biopsy table, to a robotic guidewire delivery system and a pneumatic walking boot.

See what’s possible with flex

Whether you’re crafting your next auto-injector, pump or wearable, Flex offers tailored design solutions to meet your specific needs while elevating the standard of patient care.

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