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Tooling & molding solutions:

Where innovation
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Empowering medtech companies with industry-leading expertise and advanced solutions

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Shaping the future of tooling & molding

At Flex, we’re not just about meeting industry standards; we’re about redefining them. Our tooling and molding solutions are designed to give our partners a competitive, enduring edge. But it’s more than that. We’re committed to quality and sustainability, aiming to make a tangible difference in both the market and the world.

PPG differentiation

  • Enhanced manufacturability
  • Leader in high-cavity precision tooling
  • Capability with high-complexity parts
  • Extensive experience in parts with tight tolerances
  • Vertical integration
  • NPI capability
  • Creative and innovative solution
  • Ability to scale

Get started with Flex

Whether you need flexible business models, advanced product design, world-class manufacturing, supply chain management, or circular economy and sustainability programs, Flex is here to help.

Turning challenges into opportunities

In the tooling and molding industry, challenges are often seen as roadblocks. At Flex, we see them as stepping stones to innovation and efficiency.

Your challenges, our solutions

Fragmented Suppliers: Juggling multiple suppliers can be a logistical nightmare. Flex simplifies this by being your one-stop solution for all your tooling and molding needs.

Journey from Prototype to Production: Many brands struggle with the transition from prototype to full-scale production. Flex offers vertical integration, streamlining this process all under one roof.

Diverse solutions tailored to your needs

Every project has its unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive range of product types with high-precision capabilities, ensuring that we have the right solution for every need:

Diabetes care components

Managing diabetes requires reliable and easy-to-use tools. Our range of diabetes care components is designed to make diabetes management as straightforward as possible.

  • Glucose monitoring devices
  • Insulin pens
  • Lancets

Disposable components

In healthcare, sometimes one-time use is the best way to ensure safety and sterility. Our disposable components are designed with this in mind, offering reliable performance for single-use applications.

  • IV sets
  • Wound care dressings
  • Single-use syringes

High-volume consumables

Our high-volume consumables are designed to meet the rigorous demands of healthcare settings. We focus on quality, durability, and precision to ensure that you can rely on our products.

  • Surgical tools
  • Catheters
  • Diagnostic swabs

Drug delivery pumps and autoinjectors

Our drug delivery solutions are engineered for both reliability and ease of use. We offer a range of products that make medication administration simple and precise.

  • Pumps
  • Wearable injectors
  • Pre-filled syringes

Why market-leading brands choose Flex

Choosing a partner like Flex is one of the most important decisions a company can make. We’re more than a partner — we’re a guiding force that will help you navigate every step of your product journey, from design and development to sourcing, manufacturing and logistics.

The Flex competitive edge

In a crowded marketplace, what sets Flex apart is our unique blend of competitive advantages. These are not just features but a commitment to excellence that permeates every aspect of our business.

Automation mastery

Harness the power of advanced automation. With Flex, every process is optimized for unparalleled efficiency and precision, ensuring your tooling and molding projects are executed flawlessly.

Global support network

No matter where you are, FLex is right there with you. Our extensive global support network ensures you’re always backed by guidance, solutions, and unwavering support tailored to your regional needs.

Deep-rooted expertise

Decades of experienc. Continuous innovation. A passion for tooling and molding. That’s the Flex difference. Our deep-rooted expertise translates into groundbreaking solutions that redefine industry standards.

Regional flexibility

Every region presents its unique challenges and opportunities. With Flex’s multiple site options across the globe, you have the flexibility to choose the best approach for your brand, ensuring tailored solutions for optimal results.

Comprehensive manufacturing

From the initial idea to the final product, experience the seamless journey with Flex’s end-to-end manufacturing process. Every step is meticulously planned, ensuring efficiency and alignment with your vision.

Crafting the future with responsibility

At Flex, we believe that innovation and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Our commitment to sustainability is not an afterthought; it’s an integral part of our business model. We understand that to truly make a difference, we must consider the environmental and social impact of our actions at every stage of the product life cycle.

Circular economy pioneers

We’re not just talking about sustainability; we’re living it through our Circular Economy Services. Designed for medical product manufacturers aiming for sustainability, we craft evidence-based strategies that ensure both short- and long-term environmental benefits. Our approach allows resources to flow back into the product lifecycle, offering manufacturers new opportunities for differentiation, cost savings, and innovative business models.

Manufacturing with a conscience

Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our manufacturing process. From the choice of green, sustainable, and recyclable materials to the implementation of reusable or mono-material packaging, we are dedicated to reducing waste and enhancing recycling rates. Our manufacturing methods are designed to have a positive impact on the product life cycle assessment, influencing how sustainable the disposal or reuse of the device is.

Supply chain excellence

Our supply chain operations are a testament to our commitment to the planet. We leverage our vast component supplier network to manage the procurement of quality parts, mitigating supply chain risks while prioritizing sustainability at every step. Whether it’s tooling & molding or overcoming back order challenges, we ensure a smooth, successful, and sustainable production run.

Our awards & recognitions

Flex’s patient-centered design approach has received multiple industry recognitions including Medical Design Excellence Awards and International Design Excellence Awards for products ranging from a surgical navigation system and a breast biopsy table, to a robotic guidewire delivery system and a pneumatic walking boot.

See what’s possible with flex

Whether you need flexible business models, advanced product design, world-class manufacturing, supply chain management, or circular economy and sustainability programs, Flex is here to help.

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