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Flex’s medical design solutions:

Shaping the future of healthcare innovation

Crafting innovative medical designs with a focus on precision, efficiency, and market-readiness.

Flex’s medical design solutions:

Shaping the future of healthcare innovation

Crafting innovative medical designs with a focus on precision, efficiency, and market-readiness.

Designing transformative medical products

At Flex, we don’t just design healthcare products; we craft solutions that are ready for the future. Our approach is rooted in understanding the intricacies of the market and leveraging our vast resources to create designs that are not only innovative but also manufacturing-ready. We believe in getting it right the first time, ensuring that our partners always stay ahead of the curve.

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For a partner that excels in transforming ideas into tangible, market-ready products, choose Flex.

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Shaping the future of healthcare innovation

In the medical product design industry, challenges can often hinder progress. At Flex, we view them as catalysts for innovation and efficiency.

Your challenges, our solutions

Knowledge Gaps: With our extensive experience in regulatory compliance, connected devices, and landscape assessments, we fill the knowledge gaps so you don’t have to.

Resource Constraints: Whether it’s a lack of personnel or bandwidth, we step in to ensure that your products remain relevant and updated, preventing obsolescence.

Cost Concerns: Our continuous supply chain, joint risk management, and focus on extending the life of current products ensure cost-efficiency at every step.

Accelerating your journey from concept to care

Our capabilities are designed to speed up the development process, ensuring you reach the market faster and more efficiently.

Physical and Digital Prototyping

We harness the tangible insights from physical prototypes combined with the speed and flexibility of digital simulations to ensure the highest possible standards.


Our approach is centered on identifying innovative ideas and de-risking them swiftly, ensuring you always stay ahead.

A global force in product design

In today’s interconnected world, having a partner with a global footprint can be a game-changer. Flex isn’t just a leader in medical design; we’re a global force committed to delivering excellence wherever you are.

The Flex competitive edge

In a crowded marketplace, what sets Flex apart is our unique blend of competitive advantages. These are not just features but a commitment to excellence that permeates every aspect of our business.

Digital ecosystem mastery

  • Compliance with international cybersecurity standards such as ISO, FDA, UL, ensuring secure and reliable digital solutions
  • Utilizing AI and machine learning insights to accelerate learning, enhance decision-making, and manage risks effectively
  • Demonstrated expertise in integrating and managing digital connectivity platforms, ensuring seamless digital operations

Product lifestyle management

  • Offering reference designs and rapid proof of concepts to kickstart the product development process
  • A dedicated business group (GSS) specializing in repair and preventative maintenance, ensuring product longevity
  • Benefiting from the collective knowledge and expertise of other business units and consumer products, ensuring a holistic approach to product management

Rapid prototyping expertise

  • Leveraging firsthand Voice of Customer (VOC) insights and needs assessments to create prototypes that resonate with end-users.
  • Incorporating human factors and industrial design principles to optimize user experience and product functionality
  • Utilizing digital simulations to accelerate risk management, ensuring prototypes are refined and market-ready

Front-end innovation

  • A robust team of 650 dedicated R&D employees, driving innovation and research
  • An experienced NPI team specializing in the seamless transfer of designs to manufacturing, ensuring production readiness
  • Prioritizing Design for Manufacturability (DfM) from the outset, ensuring designs are optimized for efficient production

DfMA to NPI knowledge

  • Deep domain expertise in ramping and scaling products, ensuring swift market entry.
  • Employing best-in-class systems and processes to maintain quality and efficiency throughout the product lifecycle
  • Leveraging extensive supply chain resources to future-proof components, ensuring product sustainability and relevance

Crafting the future with responsibility

At Flex, we believe that innovation and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Our commitment to sustainability is not an afterthought; it’s an integral part of our business model. We understand that to truly make a difference, we must consider the environmental and social impact of our actions at every stage of the product life cycle. Our Design for Environment (DfE) guidelines empowers our customers to achieve immediate reductions to in-market and future products that lower the environmental impacts of manufacturing processes.

Circular economy pioneers

We’re not just talking about sustainability; we’re living it through our Circular Economy Services. Designed for medical product manufacturers aiming for sustainability, we craft evidence-based strategies that ensure both short- and long-term environmental benefits. Our approach allows resources to flow back into the product lifecycle, offering manufacturers new opportunities for differentiation, cost savings, and innovative business models.

Manufacturing with a conscience

Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our manufacturing process. From the choice of green, sustainable, and recyclable materials to the implementation of reusable or mono-material packaging, we are dedicated to reducing waste and enhancing recycling rates. Our manufacturing methods are designed to have a positive impact on the product life cycle assessment, influencing how sustainable the disposal or reuse of the device is.

See what’s possible with flex

Whether you’re crafting your next auto-injector, pump or wearable, Flex offers tailored design solutions to meet your specific needs while elevating the standard of patient care.

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More Insights on Flex Health Solutions

At Flex, we’re not just about meeting industry standards; we’re about redefining them. We’ve put together a series of PDFs that detail our commitment to sustainability, drug delivery, design services, and how we’re part of the circular economy. Fill out the form to download the documents to get a clearer picture of our work and values.

Data provided will be used in accordance with the Flex Policies.

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